Sunday, June 25, 2017

Soren Kierkegaard

Soren Kierkegaard: My favourite existentialist philosopher. Although I disagree with majority of existentialists generally speaking, I strongly agree with and am sympathetic to Soren Kierkegaard. He explicitly criticised schools of the modern idealism and their influences in the modern world. The disease of modernity is a blunt dogmatic determinism without an emotional pasion. Also, he mentioned that the modern idealism merely attracts people with their abstract principle which is extremely complex to explicitly explain in a plain language. These modern idealists including both fascists and socialists over-estimate the future while depreciating the simple happinesses in both the past and the pressent. Either/Or is our ever lasting challange in our life and makes us strong, passionate, and then wise.

sincerely admire Soren Kierkegaardrd. He told us about choices in our life. He also condemned the perfectionist hypocrisy of various modern political ideologies as well as a heavy consumerism of the current world's mobocracy. I highly recommend all of you to read his book "Either/Or".

This video clip is well summarised, and explains very precisely.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Proud Randroid against Theresa May's British Conservative government!

I am also deeply suspicious about the Conservative administration under Theressa May's government! This is not British Conservatism established by Edmund Burke; This is simply a road to serfdom!

The current British Conservatives are now following the command economy furthermore i.e. Their manifesto has started increasingly being more socialism. Although they "plan" to make the things better, their sacrificing economic freedom, the big market potential (e.g. completely leaving from the EU), and the social diversity (Emphasis on more security than freedom and variety).

Furthermore, in the second last part of this brief guideline of her manifesto, it describes thinking highly of egoism (honestly being selfish) as cult! This blog has introduced thinking highly of egoism as a necessary element of living as a sovereign individual with a strong self-esteem, and it also encourages a strong productivity and a unique innovation. As various famous Liberalist philosophers(true ones; not the self-proclaimed ones) such as Hayek and Ayn Rand had said, demonising egoism will eventually leads individuals into the totalitarian regime as an originally good intention/will induces a bad or even evil consequence. Altruism sounds good, but it is often violated by the powerful oppressor to induce the majority to serve their own good instead of doing good for the all.
Instead of defying egoism for forcibly encouraging altruism, it would be rather better to admitting and allowing individuals being selfish as long as it does not disrupt others being so. The functional method of establishing a prosperous and happy union of individuals is encouraging rationality of individuals. As long as individuals are able to maximise their selfish needs and wants while maintaining the public safety and the mutual fair contracts among them, these individuals can enjoy their happy life and sustain their strong self-esteem without being commanded by any moral entrepreneurs.


See! It pretty much explains how May's Tory is really a national socialist party and also why these inattentive kinds of socialist party supporters are so frantic about their political choice.


Well-said, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher!!

Mrs. Thatcher said "If they attack you personally, it means they have not a single political argument left." Well, this can be used for critically pointing out the idiotic failure of Theresa May. lol


lol Any way, at least, I admit her tough effort of maintaining her competence of being a leader of an unpopular political faction with an unpopular manifesto. I guess she has done her best despite her lack of merit as a political leader of the UK.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The reason why I disagree with both the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Brexiter Conservative & Unionist party

Overall, I still do not agree with the SNP's policies so much. But, at the same time, I will no longer give a damn about the Unionist side so much either. I know Scottish GDP per capita is higher than English counterpart, Scottish human capital ratio (including math ability) is higher, and Scotland has an affluent resource pool overall. Therefore, I did not want the UK political party doing something disappointing Scottish citizens in order to keep their peaceful union. However, the Unionist government hijacked by the Brexiters have betrayed it.

1. The unbalanced fiscal policy (tax - welfare),
At this time, I don't stick to too much of statistics: My argument here is based on the deduction based on what they have manifested. Regarding fiscal policy, they have proposed to increase their welfare spending whilst they have promised for reducing various income taxes. It will lead to both an inevitable increase of VAT and other indirect taxes and a high inflation reducing citizens' real income.
I would like to cut an ineffective public welfare programmes in order to balance the budget and calm down the inflation. I would cut the corporation tax but remain or even a little bit increase the progressive income tax in order to balance the economy.

2. The unstable monetary policy (Such as the interest rate setting related to which currency to use), and the unclear view about the degree of the European integration (The other political parties have much clear views on it, and the SNP considerably lacks of it).
Being fiscally independent while keeping GBP is a dangerous and unstable choice. It will lead to the business cycle turbulence like the Eurozone. It will be more serious than the Eurozone because the BoE's policy is utterly volatile than the ECB so that Scotland will suffer from either the hyper-inflation and the high tax rate or the severe structural downfall like Greece and the other Mediterranean countries. My first suggestion for the independent Scotland is to seek a full integration into the Eurozone and the common infrastructure of both judicial and regulative bodies as soon as possible.
Please read my post:

3. Dependence on the North-sea oil (I have pointed out the problem of Norway once),
Please watch the FT video shown in my previous post I would like them not to rely on the oil reserve in the North-sea because it is already not extractable unless it gains some heavy investment to drill down furthermore. There is another reason why I disagree with relying on the oil reserve is that the other industrial sectors will be damaged as shown in the FT video I introduced. The balanced growth of all the valuable sectors is desired.

4. The vague day-dreaming romanticism which both the SNP and their supporters cling to. I strongly disagree with romanticising the William Wales for example
I am quite afraid of the possible administration under the SNP rule. The SNP seems to be a populist party stimulating Scottish mass's daydreams instead of tackling the real issues. Although I recently agree that Brexiter-Unionists are responsible for the current low performance rate, the SNP tends to make British Union for the scapegoat to blame any economic and political problems.